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7 Best Food for Pregnant Woman to Eat

Eating nutritious food while pregnant is important, because that pregnant mother must know what best food for pregnant woman to eat. By knowing snacks that can make your stomach and baby happy, especially there is no more worry when the food you consumed is safe and healthy, of course that is the main choice right?

To have the best start in life for your child, fill your refrigerator with a variety of healthy, nutritious and delicious food items as discussed below. Before that there are things you should know when putting together your healthy eating plan. So, it's best to focus on whole foods that have a high amount of good things, which pregnant women really need to fulfil.


The types of food you need to prepare include:

- Complex carbohydrates.

- Protein.

- Liquids and fibers

- Vitamins and minerals

- Healthy fats

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7 Best Food for Pregnant Woman to Eat You Have to Know

Here are 7 good foods for pregnant women to eat, namely super nutritious foods to eat when you are pregnant and really helps ensure you reach your nutritional goals.


Salmon contains essential omega-3 fatty acids which are rich in benefits. You can serve it grilled teriyaki, put it on top of a wheat bagel, or spread it with pesto. You can make this menu during pregnancy, especially this type of seafood can help build your brain and eyes and even optimize your gestational length.

Moreover, salmon is a natural source of vitamin D but is under-consumed by most of us. Though this is very important for bone health and immune function. Seeing this, of course pregnant women need to eat salmon in the menu during pregnancy.

As we know fish is good for pregnant women to eat, but there are also several types of fish that you must avoid, the fish is high mercury fish. The kinds of fish that have high mercury include:

- Tuna fish

- Shark

- Swordfish

- Marlin fish

- King mackerel

- Big eye tuna

- Tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico

Diary Products

Meeting the needs of the little one that is growing during pregnancy, you are strongly advised to eat foods that have extra protein and calcium. No need to hesitate to include diary products in your shopping bag such as yogurt, milk, and cheese.

Diary products are the best food for pregnant women to eat, because they contain high quality protein in the form of casein and whey. Be the best source of dietary calcium, and provide Vit. B, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc are high in amounts, all good things you will get by consuming dairy products.

Lean Meat and Protein

If you want to get an excellent source of high-quality protein, the answer is none other than lean beef and chicken. Beef is rich in Vit. B, iron, choline, and others - all of which you must fulfill in large quantities during pregnancy.

The essential mineral that red blood cells use as part of hemoglobin is iron. As your blood volume increases, of course you need more iron. This is especially important to have during the third trimester of your pregnancy. If your iron levels are low during the early to or mid-pregnancy period, it can lead to iron deficiency anemia, which increases the risk of low birth weight and other complications.

Some people may find it difficult to get the iron your body and fetus need with food only, especially if you have a meat aversion or are vegetarian. However, it is recommended that during pregnancy you eat lean red meat regularly, this way it can help increase the amount of iron you get from these foods.


In small packages, berries contain many goodness such as antioxidants, water, healthy carbohydrates, Vit. C, and fiber. There is also a relatively low glycemic index value, so it doesn't cause a big spike in blood sugar.

After all, berries are a great snack, as they contain water, fiber, and lots of flavor and nutrients, but there are just have few calories. Goji berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and acai berries are some of the best berries to eat while pregnant. You can check out the many blueberry smoothies that are being distributed online for inspiration.


We all really need to stay hydrated. Especially for pregnant women. Blood volume increases by about 45% during pregnancy. And at that time your body will deliver hydration to your fetus, but if you don't pay attention to what water to drink, you can become dehydrated.

Symptoms of dehydration are characterized by memory loss, headaches, fatigue, anxiety and a bad mood. A large amount of water intake will help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and relieve constipation, which is common when you are pregnant.

The general recommendation for pregnant women is to drink about 2.3 liters or 80 ounces of water per day. But for the amount that is really needed by humans, especially pregnant women, it varies. To find out your specific needs you should check with your gynecologist.

Don't forget, if you also get water from drinks and other foods, for example vegetables, fruit, milk, coffee and tea.


Eggs are an excellent primary health food, as they contain almost all the nutrients the body needs. Generally, large eggs contain 80 calories, fat, high quality protein, as well as lots of minerals and vitamins.

Eggs are also a good source of choline, an important nutrient during pregnancy. These nutrients play an important role in the development of the baby's brain and prevent abnormalities in the development of the brain and spine while your little one is in your womb.

There are roughly 147 milligrams of choline in one whole egg, which is can put you close to your current recommended choline intake of 450 mg per day when you are pregnant. However, it is still under further research to determine whether that limit is sufficient.

Broccoli and Dark Green Vegetables

Broccoli and dark green vegetables for example spinach and kale are the best food for pregnant women that have a lot of the nutrients you need. Even if you don't like eating it whole, you can add it to all kinds of dishes. The benefits of these vegetables include iron, fiber, Vit. C, K, A, calcium, potassium, and folate. This content is the source of the goodness of green vegetables.

Adding a serving of green vegetables to your diet is an efficient way to pack vitamins and a reliable way to ward off constipation because of all that fiber. This vegetable is also associated with a reduced risk in babies with low birth weight. To get you excited when eating leafy greens, try the recipes that are distributed free online or mix the spinach into a green smoothie. Even that you don't even notice.

Meet the nutritional needs that you and your baby mostly get from the food consumed. Always presenting the types of food described above certainly really helps pregnant women be fulfilled. Actually, there are still many food ingredients that are among the best food for pregnant women, but you can start by eating various types of foods described above.

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